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I want to work at Soul Machines!
Soul Machines

Auckland, New Zealand
Work type
Full Time
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Auckland, New Zealand
Work type
Full Time

Don't see a job listed but want to send us your details anyway? You're in the right place. By completing this quiz you'll be joining our talent community and we'll keep you posted on the latest vacancies as they come up .

This short quiz will help us learn a bit more about you – and give you a bit of a taste of what Soul Machines is all about

At the end of the quiz, you'll be asked to upload a photo. This doesn't have to be a photo of you – it's a chance to show us what makes you unique and why you'll fit our company. You can prep this in advance or use your device's camera when you get to the last page. There are easy steps to follow for either process.

Applications close: Dec 31, 2019, 12:00 AM
What appeals to you most about this Soul Machines?

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  • Helping to make the world a better place
  • Having a fun, exciting adventure
  • Helping great ideas become a reality
  • Growing my personal wealth
  • Working with the top people
You have an awesome business idea. What's your next move?

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Shelve it for 'later'
Quit your job today
Which one best describes you?

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Whenever I set my mind to something I achieve it 100% of the time.
I try everything that interests me. It doesn't always succeed, but I'll still try again.
You've heard about a cool new app and don't know much about it, whats your next move?

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Download and try it out yourself
Ask someone who's used it
Think about the last time you came across a new phone app. How did you get up to speed with it?

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I tinkered around till I figured it out
Asked my friend to show me.
How much do you enjoy problem solving?

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Very much
Not at all
Tell us what interests you about Soul Machines?

What area best suits your experience:

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