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Let's face it, giving the PM job to any ruddy contender has become a bit of a bad 'abbot for the folks over there in Canberra so we reckon it's high time one of you lot had a turn(bull).

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Most of your friends would describe you as a...
Straight-up good person
Real wheeler and dealer
You're great at...
Brokering peace and making friends
Sticking to your team, ignoring the haters
We all face moments where failure looks inevitable. What's your reaction when things don't go as planned?
Never admit defeat. I don't stop until I win.
Know when to call it quits and move on.
Imagine you're at the UN, hob-nobbing with other world leaders. Which conversations are you most excited about joining?
"With our powers combined, we can save the world!"
"Specifically, how can we help Australia thrive?"
OK, be honest. What are your team most likely saying behind your back.
"What a ratbag! Time for another no-confidence vote?"
"OMG. What a natural-born leader and true friend"
America is an important ally to Australia. How long would you last in a meeting with The Don, before throwing something?
I'd go the full distance - no problems.
Probably about 10 seconds.

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Stone the flaming crows, mate!

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Onya mate.


She’ll be right.

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